Bigfoot 18' Dish Duster - Telescoping Satellite Dish Cleaner

by Bigfoot ( Item # 7700-1 )

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Now you can clean your satellite dish with the Dish Duster from EMSCO Group. The Dish Duster is a one of a kind tool to quickly and easily remove snow from your satellite dish. The pole is lightweight and weather-resistant so it's perfect for using outside, even during bad weather. The pole extends to give you a whopping 18 feet to work with. That's long enough to reach satellite dishes on nearly any roof! The end of the pole features a flexible bristle head that's extra wide which will clear most satellite dishes in about four swipes. The bristles are stiff enough to grab and pull heavy snow but won't damage your satellite dish. Not only do you save time but you also stay safe. Because the Dish Duster stretches so far, you won't need to haul out the ladder and crawl around on an icy roof! Not only is it great for removing snow but it can also take care of pollen, dust, sand and leaves. When you're not using the Dish Duster, it collapses down and can be stored with brooms and other pole-based tools. Get back to using the internet or watching TV with the Dish Duster by EMSCO Group!

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