Bigfoot 18" Snow Shovel - Metal Handle

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Get rid of the snow in your driveway and backyard with the Bigfoot Snow Shovel by EMSCO! Made from a durable high-density polyethylene in the USA, the Bigfoot Snow Shovel is extremely lightweight, yet extremely sturdy in construction. Compared with steel and other metal shovels, this shovel uses polyethylene to form the blade. This ensures strength and a non-sticking surface to snow which greatly increases snow moving efficiency. The handle itself is made from extremely durable, tubular steel for extended life and reliability. The end of the handle then features a rugged D-grip handle that's extra wide and easy to grip. This shovel is perfect for moving out piles of snow without tiring you out as quickly as heavier, bulkier snow shovels. The flat blade design is also great for clearing out stoops, steps and lifting out snow from underneath vehicles and other tighter places that a larger snow shovel can't easily access. Tear through mountains of snow with the Bigfoot 18" Snow Shovel by EMSCO to make your driveway safe and your backyard snow-free today!

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