Bigfoot 21" Deluxe Snowbrush and Ice Scraper

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Make winter clean-up more efficient and easier with the Deluxe Snowbrush and Ice Scraper by Bigfoot! Bigfoot is proud to make this item in America, guaranteeing you durable poly construction for a premium, high-quality scraper head and brush bristles. This product is sure to withstand even the thickest ice, keeping your windshield clear and clean for driving in snowy weather. This two-in-one item is your car's best friend after a snowstorm. It is built with a reinforced scraper head that can break up and remove thick patches of ice and snow, while its body is designed with a molded, textured grip for more comfortable handling. The 21-inch Snowbrush and Ice Scraper is compact enough to store in your car's compartment or under the seat year-round, but also long and tough enough to clean off your windshield with ease. Gear up for the winter season with the Bigfoot Deluxe Snowbrush and Ice Scraper!

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