Bigfoot 35" Snowbrush with Scraper - Foam Comfort Grip

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Blast through winter ice with the Bigfoot 35" Snowbrush with Ice Scraper! This little ice scraper is perfect for the car or truck. At just under three feet long, it easily fits inside your trunk or back seat. But it still has plenty of reach to take care of most any windshield. Made from a safe and durable poly resin, this ice scraper can be used on glass without gouging. It features two different heads to tackle all your snow scraping issues. The soft, yet firm, bristles knock away thick layers of snow and loose accumulation. Flip the brush over and you can really go to town with the wide scraping edge. The edge is reinforced so you can really push hard without breaking. The whole snowbroom is weatherproof and will stand the test of time. The handle features a brightly colored, foam grip that's easy to grasp and allows you to leverage the snowbrush with ease while you knock away ice and snow. There's even a small molded handle to provide more leverage. EMSCO Group is the original USA manufacturer of the plastic snow shovel and continues to lead the way in developing and innovating winter and cleaning products. Get your Bigfoot 35" Car Snowbrush and Ice Scraper today!

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