Bigfoot 52" Telescoping Snowbroom with 16" Swiveling Foam Blade Head - Dual-Head Ice Scraper

by Bigfoot ( Item # 1719-1 )

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Winter is coming, and snow will definitely get on your car's surfaces! You'll never have to worry about getting stuck in a snowy situation with the Bigfoot Telescoping Snowbroom Foam Head & Scraper, though! This telescoping snow broom and ice scraper is designed to clear snow off of all types of vehicles, from sedans to SUVs and even large trucks! With its enormous length that can extend up to 52", you can easily remove a lot of snow with just one swipe. Regardless of your arm length, it will be convenient to reach the opposite side of your windshield using this two-in-one snow broom. Get rid of the snow piled up on your car in just an instant. This car cleaning tool by Bigfoot can quickly scrape snow in a wide range. Instead of using bristles that may damage your car's surfaces, this two-in-one tool includes a foam head and scraper. The foam of the extremely wide, 16-inch head is soft and durable. This allows scratch-free, non-abrasive cleaning that is safe to use on all types of car surfaces, including glass and paint. After you clean off the snow, the ice scraper can be used to clear away ice buildup on glass. Weighing just 1.59 lbs., this car accessory is convenient to store, fitting easily inside your car or garage. Bring it wherever you go and be ready for any snow emergency!

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