Bigfoot Northern Lites 25" Poly Pusher Snow Shovel

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Remove snow faster without breaking your back with the Bigfoot Northern Lites Poly Pusher Snow Shovel! The shovel's blade has an extra wide radius that pushes more snow with every plow. The larger blade curve allows the shovel to roll snow without stopping it's like having a snow plow for a snow shovel! In addition to the large, 25"-wide blade, the Poly Pusher is designed for users to generate more leverage. Standard pusher snow shovels have their handles attached at the very top of their shovel blades. The Poly Pusher Snow Shovel's handle is attached to the center of the shovel blade. By attaching to the center of the blade, users are able to generate more leverage, which allows you to push more snow with reduced effort, as the snow is not able to mound up or fall over the back of the shovel blade. This Poly Pusher also features an Overmolded D-Grip handle! This wide grip gives you great control over the shovel as it glides along snow and ice covered surfaces. The Bigfoot Poly Pusher Snow Shovel allows you to clear more snow with less effort! The shovel blade is made of a durable poly resin that is lightweight and durable under frigid temperatures. It can be used on all flat surfaces, such as decks or sidewalks. It weighs 4 pounds with an overall length of 50 inches and a blade size of 25 by 12.5 inches. This exceptional shovel is proudly made in the U.S.A. Keep your driveway clean and get ready for winter with the EMSCO Group Bigfoot Poly Pusher Snow Shovel!

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