Bigfoot Waterproof Glove and Ice Scraper

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Blast through winter ice with the Bigfoot Ice Scraper and Waterproof Mitt! This compact ice scraper is perfect for the car, no matter the size. At just 9 inches long, it can easily be stowed inside a door compartment or even the glovebox. There's no need to have a big bulky scraper in the trunk or backseat. The glove is ideal for those who don't have gloves of their own or use light jogging or driving gloves that could be damaged from the ordeal of scraping ice or wouldn't keep your hand warm as you work. This glove is waterproof and lined with a soft, warm fleece material. Keep your hand warm and protected from flying ice and snow as you quickly make short work of window frost. Made in the USA from a safe and durable polyethylene compound, this ice scraper is safe to use on glass without gouging. Its small stature makes it easy to scrape around tricky areas without damaging trim or surface features. It's especially useful for getting into the tight confines of rear view wing mirrors so you can still safely see behind you. The edge is designed to be reinforced so you can really push hard without breaking. It's also weatherproof and freeze tested so it will stand the test of time. EMSCO Group is the original USA manufacturer of the plastic snow shovel and continues to lead the way in developing and innovating winter and cleaning products. Get your Bigfoot 9" Ice Scraper today!

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