Bookshelves Beyond the Living Room: Unexpected Places to Put Your Bookcase

Let's explore it.

Bedroom Bonanza

Transform your bedroom into a cozy sanctuary for both sleep and story-time. Add a low-profile bookcase behind your headboard to create a dreamy reading nook, complete with soft lighting and plush pillows.

Kitchen Capers

Install floating shelves above your countertops to display cookbooks and recipe binders, or build a custom corner bookcase to house your collection of food memoirs and travel chronicles.

Bathroom Bliss

A small corner bookcase above the toilet or a floating shelf near the bathtub provides the perfect perch for your current page-turner and a scented candle.

Entryway Enchantment

A tall, narrow bookcase adorned with travel guides, art books, and family photos sets a warm and inviting tone.

Home Office Haven

A bookcase flanking your desk or integrated into your cabinetry provides not only storage for work documents but also a visual escape with your favorite novels close at hand.

Unexpected Delights

Turn a hallway into a mini-library with built-in bookcases, transform a staircase landing into a cozy reading nook, or even add a floating shelf to your laundry room for some light reading during those long cycles.

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