Designers Won't Tell You This: The Hidden Trick to a Million-Dollar Kitchen Table

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Wood Finish

Explore various wood finishes, from natural to stained, to enhance the character of your table. Consider factors like durability and maintenance.

Laminate and Veneer

Opt for laminate or veneer finishes for a cost-effective alternative with a wide range of styles. These finishes are often resistant to stains and easy to clean.

Glass Tops

Embrace the sleek and modern aesthetic of glass table tops. Easy to clean and visually light, they can make smaller spaces appear more spacious.

Metal Finishes

Consider metal finishes for an industrial or contemporary vibe. Look for durable options that resist scratches and corrosion.

Distressed or Weathered Look

Achieve a rustic or vintage feel with distressed or weathered finishes. These styles can add character and hide wear over time.

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