Choosing the Right Papasan Chair Size for Your Home

Don't worry, fellow relaxation seekers, this guide will help you find the perfect fit!

Know Your Space

Take a good look at your designated papasan spot. Will it be tucked away in a corner, gracing your bedroom, or anchoring your living room?

Big and Tall Bliss

Are you or your loved ones on the taller side? Opt for a large papasan chair (diameter of 54 inches or more) for ample legroom and headspace.

Cozy for Kids

For little ones, a small papasan chair (diameter of 35-40 inches) provides a cuddly, just-their-size haven. They'll feel snug and secure while enjoying story time or movie marathons.

Consider Proportions

Remember, scale is key! A giant papasan in a small room will overwhelm the space, while a tiny one in a large room might look lost.

Think Multifunctionality

A medium-sized papasan (diameter of 45-50 inches) offers versatility, providing enough space for various activities without taking over the room.

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