The Christmas Tree Tradition

History & Evolution Of Christmas Trees

Ancient Roots

Imagine ancient cultures decking the halls with pine, fir, and spruce! For centuries, these evergreen plants have symbolized life's resilience in the face of winter's chill, laying the groundwork for our beloved Christmas trees.

16th-Century Germany: Birth of the Christmas Tree

Picture this: It's the 16th century in Germany, and someone had a "light bulb" moment. They brought a whole tree inside and started decorating it!

The first recorded indoor tree spectacle happened in Strasbourg in 1605, with fruits, nuts, and paper flowers adorning the tree.

An American Christmas

German immigrants introduced it to America in the 18th century, but it took until the 19th century to become a full-blown holiday sensation. Today, it's as American as apple pie.

Tinsel & Lights

In the 20th century, two notable innovations transformed holiday decorating: electric lights and tinsel. These innovations allowed for greater creativity and personalization. The modern tree became a dazzling centerpiece.

Tree-tastic Choices

You no longer have to chop down an entire tree and take it home. We now have numerous super-convenient and eco-friendly options to choose from. We've got potted trees, tree rentals, and artificial Christmas trees that come in a plethora of styles.

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