How to Arrange Sectional Sofa in Living Room

This blog post will guide you through five key approaches to arranging your sectional, transforming your living room into a haven of style and functionality.

Embrace the Corner: The Classic L-Shape

This layout works well for both large and small living rooms, offering ample seating without overwhelming the flow.

Divide and Conquer: The Split Sectional

If your sectional can be detached, consider splitting it up! This approach is perfect for open floor plans or large living rooms.

Float Like a Butterfly: The Centerpiece Sectional

This layout works best with a symmetrical sectional and requires ample walking space around it. Add coffee tables, ottomans, and rugs to define the space and make it feel grounded.

Think Outside the Box: The Unconventional Approach

Arrange your sectional in a U-shape around a fireplace for an intimate conversation pit. Snake it along a curved wall for a dramatic statement.

Accessorize for Success: The Finishing Touches

Define the coffee table area with a rug, and don't forget the finishing touches like artwork, plants, and decorative objects.

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