How to Choose a Right Parrot Cage?

This guide will equip you with five essential points to choose the perfect parrot palace

Size Matters

Think big, really big. Your parrot needs enough space to spread their wings, climb, preen, and exercise. Aim for a cage at least twice the bird's wingspan in every direction.

Bar Spacing is a Big Deal

A curious beak can get into trouble – choose the right bar spacing to prevent escape attempts and head bumps. Smaller parrots require tighter spaces (around 1/2 inch), while larger ones need room to maneuver (around 1 inch).

Material Matters for Mess Makers

Choose a cage with easy-to-clean materials like stainless steel, powder-coated finishes, or sturdy plastic.

Shape Up for Happy Parrots

Round cages might look chic, but they can disorient your feathered friend. Opt for rectangular or playtop cages that offer clear sightlines and encourage natural activities.

Think Beyond Bars

A happy parrot needs more than just a cage. Include sturdy perches of varying thicknesses and textures, stimulating toys, and strategically placed food and water dishes.

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