Keeping Your Kitty Entertained: Fun Activities with Cat Trees

Let's explore it!

Vertical Playground

Explore the full potential of your cat tree as a multi-level adventure zone. Designate different levels for climbing, napping, and observation. Place dangling toys at varying heights to encourage stalking and pouncing.

Sensory Stimulation

Engage your cat's senses with diverse textures and sounds. Incorporate sisal scratching posts, plush perches, crinkly tunnels, and feather toys.

Interactive Playtime

Turn your cat tree into a stage for interactive fun. Use feather toys on wands to entice climbing and batting, or engage in laser pointer chases around the tree's base.

Rotate the Fun

Keep things fresh by rotating toys and accessories regularly. This prevents boredom and encourages your cat to rediscover their favorite spots on the tree.

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