The Art of Styling End Tables: Mastering Balance and Functionality

4 Tips to style your end tables

Create Visual Layers:

Place a stack of visually appealing books, a small decorative tray, or a vibrant plant on your end table to add depth & interest. Layering items creates a curated and dynamic look.

Balance with Symmetry or Asymmetry:

Achieve balance by either symmetrically placing matching items on each side of the table for a classic look, or go for an asymmetrical arrangement by mixing different elements for a more eclectic and modern vibe.

Personal Touch with Decorative Items:

Showcase your personality by incorporating small decorative items like framed photos, unique sculptures. These personal touches make the space feel uniquely yours.

Functionality First:

Keep in mind the practical aspect of your end table. If it's serving as a storage space, choose decorative containers or baskets to keep things organized.

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