Secret MTB Technique NO ONE Talks About

Let's explore it!

Balance is King

Practice on flat terrain, roll over logs, and master the art of the trackstand—you'll be surprised how much confidence it unlocks on the trails.

Braking with Confidence

Learn to modulate your brakes, applying pressure smoothly and progressively to avoid skidding or locking up your wheels. Master downhill braking techniques like "braking in corners" and "drag braking" to navigate steep descents with control.

Shifting Gears Like a Pro

Practice anticipating terrain changes and seamlessly shifting gears uphill and downhill. Remember, the right gear makes all the difference!

Cornering Like a Champion

Learn to lean into corners, keep your weight low, and maintain a smooth line. Practice carving around berms and switchbacks, mastering the art of body english to control your bike's lean angle.

Mastering the Bunny Hop

Learn to pop your front wheel and lift your bike for a brief moment, then practice hopping over logs, rocks, and small drops. It takes time and practice, but mastering the bunny hop will open up a whole new world of possibilities on the trails!

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