What is the Best Makeup Vanity Table with Drawers?

Here's a treasure map to guide you through the vast sea of vanities, highlighting 5 key features to consider.

Storage Savvy

Deep drawers for palettes and brushes, shallow ones for liners and lipsticks, and maybe even a secret compartment for your most prized possessions – your vanity should be a storage oasis.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Lighting is key! Look for a vanity with built-in LED lights that mimic natural daylight, casting flattering beams on your masterpiece in the making.

Surface Sensuality

Opt for smooth, easy-to-clean surfaces like glass, marble, or wood with a protective finish. Bonus points for built-in organizers, trays, or compartments to keep things tidy.

Seating Symphony

A cushioned stool or chair with adjustable height is ideal, letting you find the perfect perch for long makeup marathons.

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