BSN Sports 18" Orange Game Cones

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Practices, gym classes and recreational games can benefit from this Orange Game Cone, which helps coaches or gym teachers outline boundaries, goals, starting points and drills. When students and athletes are running around the playing area, the bright orange design draws their attention, so they don't overlook key areas. Easily haul the cone to the court or playing field thanks to the flexible, latex-free PVC construction. With the ability to be stacked, the cone can be placed on top of other ones and tucked away in between each use. Sets = 5 cones.
Constructed of PVC that is lightweight and flexible for moving around the court, field or rec area with ease
Can be used to mark off goals, boundaries, stations and important field markers
Eye-catching orange design makes the cone easy to see while playing
Cone can be stacked on top of another one for space-saving storage and simple transport
Latex-free construction helps create a safe environment for those with allergies

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