7-Ft. Canyon Pine Upside Down Christmas Tree

by Fraser Hill ( Item # FRASERFFCM070C-3GR )

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7-Ft. Canyon Pine Upside Down Christmas Tree

Enjoy a new spin on holiday decor with this upside down Christmas tree from Fraser Hill Farm. Not only is this tree style eye-catching and whimsical, but it also takes up less floor space, leaving more room for family gatherings and displaying presents. Fraser Hill Farm produces the most realistic trees in the market and is made with the durability to last year after year. Imagine never having to shop, chop, and pay for another natural tree again. With the Canyon Pine, simply unfold out of storage and decorate! This model is prestrung with smart lighting, a system of clear bulbs that will remain lit even if one burns out. The tree needles are constructed out of non-allergenic and flame-retardant materials then painted multiple hues of green so no two are exactly alike. These details create the look of a natural tree without the fuss and maintenance.


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