Hammaka Hammocks Hitch Stand with 2 Cradle Chairs

by Hammaka Hammocks ( Item # 41531202-KP )

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Hammaka Hammocks Hitch Stand with 2 Cradle Chairs

Hang a hammock or 2 hammock chairs anywhere you vehicle will take you! The Hammock Hitch Stand is based off of our current Trailer Hitch Stand. We wanted to innovate the original Trailer Hitch Stand. So, we have made it'stronger, easier to pack, and we added the ability to hang a regular hammock! THIS PRODUCT COMES WITH TWO (2) HAMMOCK CHAIRS AND ONE (1) PARACHUTE HAMMOCK. Just so you know, we have 2 versions of our hitch stand. Most that are available online are our old version that only holds 2 hammock chairs. This stand is called the Trailer Hitch Stand Our new version, the Hammock Hitch Stand , holds 2 hammock chairs and also a traditional camping hammock.


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