Hayward Diffuser Replacement for Super II Pump

by Hayward

Item # SPX2600B

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Hayward Diffuser Replacement for Super II Pump

This diffuser is designed to use with Hayward SuperPump models SP2600X5, SP2605X7, SP2607X10, SP2610X15, SP2615X20 and also compatible with Super II pump SP3000 series models SP3007(EEAZ) (EECA), SP3010(EEAZ), SP3015(EEAZ), SP3020(EEAZ), SP3025(EEAZ), SP3030(EEAZ). Super II pump SP3000X series models SP3005X7(AZ), SP3007X10(AZ), SP3010X15(AZ), SP3015X20(AZ), SP3020X25(AZ), SP3025X30(AZ). SuperPump pump SP2600X series models , SP2607EE, SP2621X25. Weighs 4.9-Pound.


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