Hayward ProLogic Controller

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Hayward ProLogic Controller

Hayward salt chlorinator and chemical automation pool and spa control system is convenient one box solution for new and retrofit pools. It comes equipped with 8 relays and 4 valve outputs, manages 2 traditional heaters and 1 solar heater. It has 8 programmable soft keys. Also equipped with a salt chlorination cell for pools up to 40,000 gallons. It automatically sense chlorine and pH, dispense chlorine and controls pH. Features variable speed pump control, super chlorinate function displays time, day, pool and spa temperature and ambient air. This fully programmable automatic control of every output built in 100-ampere subpanel and keypad for complete operation and programming. Easy to use buttons for manual control. It controls other features like water temperature (gas, electric and solar heaters), filtration cycles, on-off-timed of pool lights, light shows with Color Logic, Spa jets, backyard lighting, Water features, misters, fire pits and more.


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