Kitchen Nook Dining Set-Dining Table And Dinette Chairs

by East West Furniture ( Item # HLCA3-CAP-C )

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This Particular Circular Table And Chair Set Will Certainly Apply A Glamorous Touch To Your Kitchen Space With Its Dark Slick Elements. Each Of Our Round Kitchen Table Offers A 42?? Width, A 30?? Height, Along With A Little Room For One?s Extra Dining Visitor. The Entire Stylized Dining Chairs Have Got A Horizontal Back panels, For A Rather Simple But Harmonious Decor. The Circular Kitchen Table And Corresponding Mahogany Dining Room Chairs Supply You With A Lot Of Comfortableness Whilst Presenting That Pristine Finish. The Circular Kitchen Table Features A Highlighted Stand That Branches Off Directly Into Four Round Legs For Beauty And Structural Assistance. 5 Piece Hartland Set With One Round 42in Small Table And Four Dinette Chairs With Solid Wood Seat In A Spectacular Mahogany Finish

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