Luxor Tablet Wall/Desk Charging Box

by Luxor

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4/5 1 Luxor Tablet Wall/Desk Charging Box
Luxor Tablet Wall/Desk Charging Box

Luxor's bestselling wall/desk charging station, the LLTMW-G, is the perfect fit for users who need their devices in one specific and easily accessible location. The fully assembled tablet charging station has a padded interior with rubber-coated dividers, which keeps tables safely in place to avoid any damage or scratching. For additional protection, two ventilated sides allow constant airflow to eliminate overheating, even when the front door is closed and locked for safe keeping. Whether your charging station is best suited resting on an office desk or mounted on the library wall, keep your workplace coordinated with this durable and discreet charging box.


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Luxor Tablet Wall/Desk Charging Box

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Something affordable to make kid away from electronics




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