ProMariner ProNautic 1240 C³ Automatic Digital Marine Battery Charger - 40 Amp - 3 Bank

by ProMariner ( Item # 63540 )

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Automatic Digital Marine Battery Charger

Amps: 40
Banks: 3
Volts: 12
Cycle: 95-250
AC Input: 50/60

ProNautic employs ProMariner's progressive C³ all digital technology, bolstering intuitive software-based multi-stage charging, communication and control. C³ yields precision charging performance, programmable charge profiles and real time status. Optional helm remote available.

Intelligent C³ Software Controlled Multi Stage Charging

  • Optimal fast charge, conditioning, maintenance & dockside power supply mode

  • Active Battery Balance Control (BBC)
  • C³ Software actively monitors the condition of each battery or bank while charging, to ensure no battery is ever overcharged

  • C³ Intelligent Self Calculating Absorption / Conditioning Mode
  • ProNautic automatically programs charge/conditioning time based on discharge state of batteries, resulting in a 100% charge while desulfating batteries and extending battery life

  • C³ Automatic 10 Day Re-Condition Mode
  • Added conditioning to maximize battery life

  • Fully Automatic Wide Range Global AC Input
  • 95VAC to 250VAC 50/60hz

    True Temperature Compensation with Remote Probe

    Interactive Remote Port for Optional Helm Control & Display

    User Programmable Charge Profiles for up to 7 Battery Types

    Built In Safety
  • Ignition protection, over temperature, over voltage and polarity protection
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