WC Redmon Bath Jewelry Diamond Pattern Vinyl Hamper

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WC Redmon Bath Jewelry Diamond Pattern Vinyl Hamper

The Bath Jewelry line is an exquisite use of specialized material and craftsmanship. This line exudes style with sleek lines and an international appeal. Bath Jewelry line continues to adorn the finest of settings around the world.
Bath Jewelry Diamond Pattern Vinyl Hamper:

  • Diamond pattern embossed vinyl rectangle shaped hamper
  • Superior quality and construction
  • Available colors: Black, Gold Mylar, Chrome, or White
  • Accent trim options available: Gold or Silver


LIMITED WARRANTY: W.C. Redmon Co., Inc. warrants to the initial retail buyer that this product is free from defects in the   material and workmanship under normal use and service for one (1) full year from the date of purchase. Its obligations under this warranty shall be limited to the replacement of defective part(s) of the product. Itshall not be liable for any consequential damages. The initial retail buyer may return any defective part. Returns due to defective parts must receive authorization from W.C. Redmon Co., Inc. before return ismade. This warranty is in lieu of any other warranties expressed or implied, including the warranties of merchantability and fitness for use, and the corporation neither assumes nor authorizes any other personto assume for any other liability in connection with the sale or use of this product.

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