Bigfoot 18" Combination Snow Shovel with Adjustable Ergonomic Handle Alleviates Bending and Strain on Lower Back Adjusts to Users Height

by Bigfoot ( Item # 1397-1 )

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You'll never worry about getting stuck in a snowy situation when you're equipped with the EMSCO Bigfoot Combination Snow Shovel with Ergonomic Handle! Made from a lightweight, heavy-grade plastic that is highly durable, this ergonomic shovel by Bigfoot has a variety of functions. This 3-in-1 tool allows you to shovel, scoop, and push massive snow piles on the streets or out of your driveway. The blade combines the ease of using a standard snow shovel, the holding capacity of a snow scoop, and the curve of a snow pusher to clear flat surfaces. Additionally, this ergonomic snow shovel features a dual handle system that allows you to customize the shovel's length depending on your height, arm length, and position. With this shovel, you can lift snow and release it without having to bend over, and the main handle has an innovative twisting action that lets you swivel it to dump snow effortlessly. This shovel's massive D-grips and heavy-duty handle are sure to last a lifetime. It also comes with an extra-large combination blade for scooping large quantities of snow. The overall material is premium quality, guaranteeing that this product will never crack from the cold or snap from lifting heavy, wet snow. You can bring this Snow Thrower Dozer with you anywhere, as this winter shovel only weighs 5.25 lbs. Also, its adjustable dual handle system can easily fit into your carport or garage. Get ready and stay ready for the winter season!

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