Bigfoot 19" Mega Dozer Combination Snow Shovel with Two-Fisted Shock Shield D-Grip

by Bigfoot ( Item # 1683-1 )

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Get rid of the snow in your driveway and backyard with the Bigfoot Mega Dozer Snow Shovel by EMSCO! Featuring three types of shovels in one blade design, this super snow shovel is the ultimate solution to clearing out the snow that blocks your driveway. You can use it as a standard snow shovel, a scoop snow shovel, or a pusher snow shovel. As a pusher, you can shove snow out of the way by gliding it along flat surfaces. The swooped back will scoop snow up out of the way and forward. As a standard and scoop snow shovel, the blade is long an flat yet has walled sides to capture lots of snow to lift and throw. Made from a durable high-density polyethylene in the USA, the Super Snow Shovel is lightweight, yet extremely sturdy in construction. Compared to a metal shovel, it is easier and more convenient to use since it has an enormous holding capacity as a scoop shovel as well as the curve of a pusher shovel to clear flat surfaces. Tear through mountains of snow with the Bigfoot Mega Dozer Combination Snow Shovel by EMSCO to make your driveway safe and your backyard snow-free today!

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