Bigfoot Heavy Duty Ice Krusher - Ice Scraper with 2-Fisted Shock Absorbing D-Grip - Wood Handle

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Destroy ice with the Heavy Duty Ice Krusher - Chopper and Scraper with Double Fisted Shock Shield D-Grip. When Winter hits and you get heavy accumulations of ice, nothing breaks it up like the Ice Krusher.  Made from heavy gauge steel, this ice scrapper will crush ice on hard surfaces like driveways and sidewalks. The extra long, wooden handle provides leverage and gives great reach. Knock down icicles from a safe distance. The edge of the Ice Chopper is flattened and widened to make it extremely effective at wedging out ice.  The pointed portions of the edge can further be used to crack and separate tougher portions of snow and ice.  This shape is great as a scraper but makes the whole tool useful for lots of applications.  It can act as a hoe or shovel for lifting out plant and weed roots.  It's size and shape are perfect for edging and digging in between sidewalk and driveway cracks.
But the most innovative part of this tool is the Shock Shield D-Grip Handle. This innovative design cuts the magnitude of shocks felt by the user in half.  The crafty grip flexes a full half inch, acting as a shock absorber for the whole tool.  You can continue pounding through ice without nearly the same fatigue and stress you'd endure normally with similar picks, shovels and other tools.  The reduction in shock helps prevent injuries to the hands, wrists and arms.
For the ultimate ice scraper and frozen material remover, get the Heavy-Duty Ice Krusher - Ice Chopper and Ice Scraper with Shock Shield D-Grip

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