New Age Pet Albany Feral Cat Shelter

by New Age Pet ( Item # ECTH350 )

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New Age Pet Albany Feral Cat Shelter

ecoFLEX Albany Cat Shelter. Specially designed with 2 doors. Vinyl door flaps are also included. Made from ecoFLEX , a composite blend of recycled polymers and reclaimed post-industrial poplar waste and by products. The best home possible for your pet designed with your pet's health in mind. Well ventilated, easy to clean, raised floors that dont touch the ground and step in design. ecoFLEX based products outlast similar products by 2 to 1 or even 3 to 1 in extreme climates. ecoFLEX products don't warp or splinter and can be painted or stained. Now, they are covered by a 10 year warranty against both defect and deterioration. Easy 10 minute - no tool - assembly. Since they are AllProof, they are resistant to any and all natural causes of deterioration. No maintenance other than regular cleaning required. Will not go gray like inexpensive wood types will. Maple colored body and major components offset with attractive russet brown.


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