Habitat 'n Home InnPlace Crate/Table

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Habitat n Home InnPlace II is the perfect place for your pet when they're indoors. Made from ecoFLEX, a composite material made from recycled polymers and reclaimed poplar wood fibers, the InnPlace II is a great value as it will outlast most other products designed for this use. With brushed stainless steel spindles in the door and the sides, the InnPlace II provides a level of security not available in similar products with wood or non-metal spindles. Note: Not all dogs will accept confinement in a crate immediately. Some dogs will require Crate Training either personally or professionally conducted. There are some dogs that will never accept confinement. In these cases, you will need to purchase a heavy duty wire framed crate. If your pet is chewing on the spindles or frames, it is a sign they are rejecting confinement. These decorator crates are popularly called a crate table, they do double duty in many homes where they serve as a Mission style end or lamp table in the family room, bedroom or living room. With its furniture like appearance, the InnPlace II and its additional Habitat n Home suite of products lets your pet be close to the family without out having to use a wire crate that is better suited for the laundry room or kitchen. Front door latches securely and can't be accidentally opened. Easy 10 minute - no tool - assembly. Very easy to keep clean. Since they are AllProof, they are resistant to any and all natural causes of deterioration. Popular colors are embedded in the ecoFLEX material so scratches are less likely to show. Can actually be painted if necessary to co-ordinate with your other furnishings. Co-ordinates in color and style with the growing number of items in the New Age Pet Habitat n Home collection. Small Size.

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